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[SOLVED] unable to update to vmProtect 7 Update 1

Thread needs solution
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initial issue wrote:

when you have multiple acronis appliances, and try to install or upgrade the appliance from an remote location, then there is no update option

also from the appliance itself the update options says you are at the latest level, while 7155 is the latest.

please fix i cant update :(

i worked with the very active acronis supoprt team. and they found the solution:

The reason i could not update from the exacutable was that the GUID ID is missing in the notes field of the VM ;/ i removed this as i use the notes for my personal use!!

when you start the installer you can start the installation and then select a view option if there are no guids it cannot update

so the solution was to put in an valid guid. (any would work) for the one who has this here is an valid guid that works:


i would suggest to add these when you you date and remove then when done.
and personally i would like to see from acronis to change the way they look for vm's in vcenter
personally i think the best method would be using the vmware tools version for this.. now its running/unsupported and if you change it to the vmware appliance way (then its gray) then i guess you could add a version number there of your own!


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did anyone had trouble upgrading?

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Hello jan,

Thanks for reporting about the issue.

Actually the option should appear after you provide the address of the vCenter/ESX(i) host and the credentials for it whether to create new VA or update an existing one. This situation requires investigation, and our Development team would like to arrange a remote session with you. Could you please let us know whether it will be ok for you? 

If it is, please install Teamviewer - free version, and provide me with the teamviewer credentials to your machine, and best time for us to contact you for a remote session.

Thank you in advance for cooperation.

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Dear support, Thanks

i am happy to allow remote assistance, i hope these issues get resoved so i can continue implementing acronis
i will send the info by pm

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[solved] see first post