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Support Exchange 2016 - Acronis Backup for VMWare (not Adv.) ?

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Hello at all,

We're currently working to replace a SBS2008 server structure for a customer.

The plan is to virtualize all with VMWare (vSphere Essentials).

The Exchange 2007 (on the SBS2008) is intended to be updated. We would like to go to Exchange 2016.

However, when I read the current data correctly, the Exchange 2016 is (currently) only from the "Acronis Backup Advanced VMware" supported and not from the "Acronis Backup for VMware," right?

If so, until which is a support for Exchange 2016 product "Acronis Backup for VMware" to expect?

Greetings from Germany and thanks in advance,


PS: Sorry for my english, because it's not the best one


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Acronis Program Manager
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Hi Sebastian,

Exchange 2016 is not supported for application-aware backup processing in the current version of Acronis Backup for VMware (Advanced version does support it though) - this is correct. Support for this Exchange version will be added in the next version which is coming later this year (closer to the middle of it).

Thank you.


Best regards,


Acronis Virtualization Program Manager