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System requirements / ressources for Backup appliance

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I just deployed a brand new Backup for VMware appliance and noticed the ressources are very sparse: 2 vCPU and 1 GB of RAM, VM-Hardware Version 7

I think this is probably some "common lowest denominator" to fit on all environments.

Are there advantages in raising vCPU and/or RAM? What about updating the VM-Version?



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Acronis Program Manager
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Hi Ben,

The CPUs in appliance are mostly utilized to perform encryption and compression of the archives and x2 vCPUs is sufficient for any combination of compression and encryption settings (CPU resources are not the bottleneck usually).

The default settings for RAM on appliance are sufficient to perform up to 5 simultaneous backup tasks (each task consumes ~100-150MB of RAM). This limit may be increased via special setting in appliance configuration (not from GUI) and it has to be done with RAM increase in parallel, so it's a custom change in general. Also increasing RAM up to 2-4GB makes sense only if you connect appliance to a vCenter/ESXi host with more than 100-200 VMs in total - RAM increase will improve the performance of VM instances (and other vSphere items, e.g. datastores, vswitches, etc.) initial enumeration and update.

The virtual hardware update is not required by default. It may be a recommendation for troubleshooting of specific issues, but not a general recommendation.

Thank you.