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Unable to delete an orphan task

Thread needs solution
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Dear sirs,

three days ago i've launched a replication of a virtual machine. The task was terminated correctly but i still see in acronis interface the replication in execution.

That activity doesn't exist because i've deleted it after the fist replication . But i cannot setup another replication activity because there is this active task. In vmware console there aren't active task. How can manually delete it ?


Thanks a lot



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The screen shot shows View->Replicas view where the pairs of original VM + its replica(s) are listed. The status "Replica in esecuzione" indicates the current state of replica VM in vSphere, i.e. that replica VM is powered ON, but it does not mean that _replication_ into this replica is currently active. The replication activity can be monitored from View->Tasks and if you removed the replication task from there - this means that no replication activities are in place.

Note that replication into this replica won't be possible until you power it off from vSphere client. You can either delete the replica VM manually from vSphere client, so that a new replica VM is created by creating a new replication task, or you can remove replica from Acronis Backup for VMware web console interface from View->Replicas.

Thank you.

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I discovered that i've in the virtual machine confgiuration parameters the acronis tags. In effect recently i used acrons to replicate a machine from a storgae to another.

Thnals a lot