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Unexpected Error

Thread needs solution
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I want to create an Application-Aware Backup of my virtual machines running Windows Server 2016. One of them is the primary domain controller, the other one is running Exchange Server 2016.

System Informations:

ESXi 5.5.0, Acronis Backup VMWare build 9.2.10571

After specifying a user i get following error on both machines:

Message: Cannot convert text from tag WasError to number


Code: 27066484 (0x019D0074)
Line: 836463A653DED97A
Message: An error has occurred while executing command 'check_applications_scheme'.


Code: 27066502 (0x019D0086)
Message: An error has occurred while detecting applications.


Code: 11337743 (0x00AD000F)
Line: C93597B64F4E1C1C
Message: Error: Unhandled routine exception.


Code: 35258376 (0x021A0008)
Line: 6B0AD8FCB152DDC3
Message: Unexpected error occured while loading application scheme


Code: 35260371 (0x021A07D3)
Line: 4633BA647DB0B314
Message: Error occured while checking application's properties


Code: 35260370 (0x021A07D2)
Line: 2A7F716ABAAAB050
Message: Error occured while loading applications through Vm proxy


Code: 35258382 (0x021A000E)
Line: EC31EC88415AB38C
Message: Cannot load application scheme from agent result file


Code: 35258384 (0x021A0010)
Line: A062201652EF6058
Message: Cannot convert text from tag WasError to number


Please help!

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Hello Sed,

welcome to Acronis user forums! Please note, that Windows Server 2016 and MS Exchange Server 2016 are not supported by Acronis Backup for VMware. Here you'll find the list of support OS and Exchange versions. I'd suggested taking a look at Acronis Backup 12, where this environment is supported. 

If you have an Acronis Backup 11.7/Acronis Backup for VMware 9 perpetual license with active maintenance, or an Acronis Backup 11.7 subscription license, you can receive an upgrade to Acronis Backup 12 as part of your maintenance/subscription benefits in your Acronis Account. If your maintenance or subscription has expired, you need to obtain a renewal via your preferred Acronis reseller or the Renewals page.

Thank you,