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Various Server 2012 Backups with SQL Server 2008 failing.

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I have a few servers where I get this error.  I have tried EVERYTHING I can think of in order to get this working, re-installed the VMTools, re-installed the backp agent  - nada - nothing.  On a whim, I decided to log in as the same account specified in the application-aware settings and the backup completed successfully.  I logged off of the server as that account, and the backup failed.  Any ideas as to what might be driving this?


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The operation has failed.
Additional info: 
Error code: 26
Module: 100
LineInfo: 48afbd3608a410ca
Message: The operation has failed.
Error code: 537
Module: 149
LineInfo: fc2924f06484b5f1
Message: Meta collection during application-aware backup failed.
Error code: 3
Module: 548
LineInfo: d15400b5b8e120c8
Message: Failed to execute backup agent command --detect_application
Error code: 24
Module: 470
LineInfo: 5297fa223fd4241d
Fields: $module : C:\Windows\Temp\EA09182E-A091-4087-9617-5F988166BE4B\exchange_backup_agent.exe
Message: Failed to process command line on Agent Server side. See logs for details.

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Acronis Program Manager
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Hi Travis,

The problem may be related to UAC settings inside the VM you're trying to back up (if user logon before backup indeed solves the problem). I'd recommended trying to turn off UAC in Windows registry (see instructions here). If this doesn't help then also try using native built-in administrator account (or native domain administrator) when enabling application-aware option. If this still doesn't help then please contact our support team for assistance with this issue.

Thank you.


Best regards,


Acronis Virtualization Program Manager