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VM SBS 2008 Problems with the Backup

Thread needs solution
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i have a big Problem to Backup a MS SBS 2008.

First my Enviroment:

VM Host: Host ESX Version 5.5.0 Build 2068190

VM SBS 2008 has the following Services running:

Exchange ; DHCP; DNS; WSUS.

My Problem is that the Backup runs into a fail, which I dont understand.

The First the Error Message was:

Die Aktion ist fehlgeschlagen.
Zusätzliche Info:
Fehlercode: 26
Module: 100
Zeileninfo: 48afbd3608a410ca
Nachricht: Die Aktion ist fehlgeschlagen.
Fehlercode: 537
Module: 149
Zeileninfo: fc2924f06484b5f1
Nachricht: Die Meta-Zusammenstellung während des applikationskonformen Backups ist fehlgeschlagen.
Fehlercode: 358
Module: 149
Zeileninfo: 8e1d384601b2ab4b
Nachricht: Die VSS-Metadaten fehlen oder sind beschädigt.
Fehlercode: 13
Module: 4
Zeileninfo: 86137b9d60c180c7
Nachricht: Die Datei ist beschädigt.

So it means that I have trouble with the VSS Writer.

I have restartet the vss service then restartet the server.

After this, the VSSADMIN Command does not show thisv error again. But the Backup does still not work.

The exportet XML Formated log ou find in the attachment.


Pleas help.

Thank You

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Acronis Program Manager
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Hi Martin,

The problem is coming from application-aware option which was enabled for this machine. With this option there is a requirement to have valid VSS manifest output generated by VMware Tools quiescing process. See item 6 from Solution section which describes where to capture vss_manifest***.zip file for particular VM. The error message you quoted indicates that the contents of this VSS meta info is invalid, so it needs to be checked.

In any case you should contact our support team for further assistance. Remember to collect the information as instructed in the above KB article.

Thank you.


Best regards,


Acronis Virtualization Program Manager