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vmProtect ans SAS enviroment

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I'm planing backup system for VMware environment with 3 ESX 4.1 hosts connected to one disk storage via SAS.
i need to backup virtual machines to another disk storage via iSCSI and tape library.
Is it possible to install vmProtect as virtual appliance, and use tape library directly connected to ESX host to perform backup via SAS?
Is it possible to install vmProtect as windows agent on dedicated server (not virtual), connect it via SAS to ESXs datastore storage and vai SAS to tape library and perform backup using SAS connection instead of LAN from datastore to vmProtect server and then SAS to tape library?
I can't find this kind of information in manual.
I made diagram of my idea, it's in attachment.
Thanks for any help.
Best regards

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First of all, vmProtect doesn't backup to tapes - it can do it to (userguide 6.2 Where to Back Up) -
*Online backup storages.
*Local folders.
*Network folders.
*FTP and SFTP servers.

ABR11 Virtual Edition that suport tapes has both these options too - Windows Agent and appliance.