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vmprotect update fails

Thread needs solution
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I'm using (not the latest revision) vmProtect 9 on ESX 5.1 w/o a problem.
Now I finally wanted to update to the latest build and tried it several times with no success.
What is happening is that I start the installer from a Windows guest (actually running on the target ESX as well) which finds the old vmProtect and offers to update that one.
As soon as I enter the connection password it takes 2-3 seconds and the whole management connection to the target ESX dies. In vcenter the whole host is "offline". The VMs are still running and I can connect directly to the ESX with the vSphere client still but vcenter connection is lost and the installer fails completely (the Windows guest just gets a black screen and I can just close the console).

Any ideas?


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Acronis Program Manager
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Hi Wolfgang,

Upon checking credentials via the installer there is a simple TCP connection on 443 https (by default) port established with the vCenter/ESXi host using standard vSphere APIs. The symptoms you describe are quite unusual and likely indicate problems in the Management Agents state on the particular ESXi host managed by your vCenter. I'd first of all recommended trying restarting the Management Agents on the affected ESXi host:… . If this doesn't help then it makes sense to check the logs from the ESXi host itself captured after reproducing the issue (the hostd.log should give some clues on what's happened): in vSphere client select the host, then go to File->Export->Export System Logs. After that contact our support team for further assistance.

Thank you.
Best regards,
Acronis Virtualization Program Manager