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Where is the Simultanious backup option ......?

Thread needs solution
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Hello Guys,

I cannot find the option any more to backup multiple VM's at once instead of one by one..

Please assist where it is hiding...

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Hello, Jeremy!

If you want to perform multiple backup of several VMs you need to create backup tasks for each VM and run tasks simultaneously.
You can run up to 5 tasks at once.

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this is very cumbersum. In ABR11 I can create just one task and specify how much VM's there can be backupped at once.

Why isn't this the case with VMProtect?

Also can you tell me what features will come in the next release? Roadmap ...

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I completely agree with creating a backup job per VM is completely unreasonable. I was looking between ABR Virtual (since we already own adv workstation) and vmProtect because at VMworld it was built up as "simplistic and easy to use".

The lack of that feature alone is going to stop any testing with vmProtect 6 and look back at ABR11 even though it is a pain to setup.

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Hello all!

I would like to shed some light on this topic and clear the things up. With Acronis vmProtect 6.0 you can create backup tasks to back up multiple machines, however within this task the machines will not be backed up simultaneously. The main reason behind this is that each initiated backup of a VM causes a high impact on the ESX host and if your host is not powerful enough then the backup process will affect the running VMs. On the other side the most common bottle neck in the backup routine is not the data reading speed (which will be faster if we back up for example 2 VMs simultaneously rather than backing them up one by one), but the writing speed, i.e. the bandwidth of the network storage location/speed of the drive/etc. This means that the backup of 2 VMs simultaneously may be in fact only slightly faster (or sometimes even slower) than backing up these machines one by one.

What we consider to be the most common use case for vmProtect is 1-2-3 tasks which are scheduled to run at the same time and each of these tasks is backing up a number of VMs (for example 10 machines). In this case you will practically have 1-2-3 machines backed up simultaneously as long as your ESX host sustains the load. In other words there is absolutely no reason to create 1 dedicated task for each VM, but the number of tasks should correspond the number of simultaneous jobs your environment can handle (in practice this number will be from 3 to 5 for common environments).

Thank you.
Best regards,
Acronis vmProtect Team

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Are you able to create multiple appliances to handle those multiple jobs or is it a single appliance handling all the jobs at once?

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That is also my question. Can we deploy one appliance per ESXi Host and manage them centrally?

Because when we have multiple ESXi hosts and just one appliance to process it all that ain't gonna work in large environments..

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Hello everyone,

Thank you very much for your feedback.

It is possible to deploy multiple appliances to the same ESX host with Acronis vmProtect 6.0, however you will need to manage them separately. There is no centralized management in this product. This functionality is included in ABR11 which uses a different concept.

To summarize briefly:

  - Acronis vmProtect: 1 appliance, multiple ESX(i) hosts
  - ABR11: 1 ESX(i) host, multiple appliances

That's the concept, though of course the number of appliances may vary.

Just in case, you can always submit your own feedback to our Customer Listening System from this link.

Please let me know if you have additional questions.

Thank you.