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Windows event log - NTFS errors

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I would like to ask you for help. Few months ago I purchased and instaled Acronis backup for VmWare to our VmWare environment. Two months later I find out that on all servers (11 servers - version WS 2008R2, WS 2012) are a lot of errors at the event log relate to NTFS (event ID 50, 140, 137) and DISK (event ID 157). 

I tried to remove one server from backup job and I found out that these errors happened in the backup time only. Another thing - only cca. 50% of backups are successful (validation of .TIB file failed - file is corrupted). I don't know if it's relate to errors in event log on the servers. 

For example I attach a screenshot from one server with errors. You can se a three days there when backup job was switched off on this server. 

Could you please help me with this ? 

Thank you.

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These warnings are the result of VMware quiesced snapshot creation (backup implies creation of VMware snapshot) - they appear due to special service shadow disk being temporarily attached to VM. This temp disk is used to write VSS data into snapshot. See VMware KB:

In general it is safe to ignore these warnings according to VMware.

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I recently had to investigate similar issues after introducing Acronis Backup 12.5 to a customer environment. Ignoring these warnings is hard, if these cause random server crashes.

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