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API v2 - Explanation and valid values for some fields on Tenant and User entities. Accessibility of JSON schemas.

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On API v2 there are some fields on the Tenant and User entities for which there's no explanation available or a list of valid values to put in them. Next, the list of those fields.

  • Tenant:
    • customer_type: explanation and possible values required.
    • language: on this one I'd just like to know what type of locale ISO codes go there ("en" style, "en-US" style or maybe both?).
    • owner_id: explanation required.
    • internal_tag: explanation and possible values required.
    • default_idp_id: explanation needed, specially because it always seems to be the same value (11111111-1111-1111-1111-111111111111).
  • User:
    • personal_tenant_id: explanation required.
    • idp_id: the same comment as for default_idp_id in Tenant.
    • language: the same comment as for language in Tenant.
    • business_types: explanation and possible values required.

Related to this, I've noticed in the RAML documentation the mention to references of the json schemas for some fields like the ones I've listed before. For instance, I've read something like this:

"business_types": { "$ref": "../_common/types/business_types.json" }

That reference can be found in the request body schema of the User POST method. How could I access those json schemas?

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Acronis Program Manager
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Hi Eduardo,


I understand your concern. We are constantly working on improving the documentation, however I would ovoid using this forum as a substitution to the documentation and explaining all fields that are not clear. Please provide your usage scenario, and I'll name the fields that you require.

However, I recommend to do the following when you are not sure which values to use for specific fields:

  • Create the object via common interface (Web Console)
  • Get the default values for these objects
  • Replace only those values that you need. The rest should remain as default.


I will comment those fields that I believe you can use in your integration. For example, an existing tenant would show: 

"customer_type":"default" << leave as is
"language":"en" << use this format, e.g. "es", "fr"
"owner_id":null << leave as is
"internal_tag":Null << leave as is
"default_idp_id":"11111111-1111-1111-1111-111111111111" << leave as is

Except for language, all other fields are internal or have been added for future functionality (like using external Identity Providers for default_idp_id).


For user entity:

"personal_tenant_id":null << Null for administrators, ID for service users to link a tenant with personally assigned services. Each service user will have a corresponding tenant.
"idp_id":"11111111-1111-1111-1111-111111111111" << leave as is
"language":"en" << use this format, e.g. "es", "fr"
"business_types":[] << leave as is


As for JSON schemas, AFAIK they are not available for public.