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Acronics 12.5 U4

Thread needs solution
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Dear Support,

As i am in middle of upgrade from 12.5 to 15 but my 12.5 is U3 so i want to update to 12.5 U4 in order to upgrade to 15 but  its very difficult for me to find the 12.5 U4 ,so could you please share the link so i can download directly it.

But please share directly link without signing i could able to  download.

Your prompt reply will be highly appreciated.





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Hello yasa altaf!

Why do you need U4 specifically? 12.5 U4 is just the minimum version needed for a direct upgrade to 15 as per this KB. You might as well update 12.5 to latest first and upgrade to 15 from there.

If you need earlier versions you'll need to contact support and ask for an earlier release. You'll need to give a good reason for your need though.

-- Peter