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Acronis Cyber Backup 12.5.16428 не может выполнить резервное копирование виртуальной машины с диском на VMware vSAN 7.0

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После обновления до Acronis Cyber Backup 12.5.16428 при попытке выполнить план резервного копирования виртуальной машины, диски которой размещены на хранилище VMware vSAN 7.0, выдаётся следующее сообщение об ошибке:

GXT: The item provider has not properly resolved an item with key '('5C01E1F2-ADB2-8261-9AFC-9B2179GF2417','mms::vm::datastore')'. Report reason: While enumerating routes, the item provider has reported that the item with key '('5C01E1F2-ADB2-8261-9AFC-9B2179GF2417','mms::vm::datastore')' is the parent of an item with key '('D0B0F34F-DBD1-4C8F-DADD-BAD046B33433','mms::vm::machine')'."

В Acronis Cyber Backup 12.5.16386 такая проблема не наблюдается. 

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Hello Yury,

There are multiple possible causes for this error. One of the most common causes is that backup plan is applied to a VM located on an inactive datastore or a VM has an attached ISO image located on inactive datastore.

1) There was a known issue on the older builds, where backups failed for VMs located on an inactive datastore. However, this particular issue has been fixed. Still I'd advise checking if any of the VMs have ISO images located on an inactive datastore. If found, disconnect the ISO image and restart the VM. 

2) Make sure that Virtual Appliance is not included in the list of VMs for backup: see Acronis Cyber Backup 12.5: Virtual Appliance backup fails with "Cannot find GXT item type 'mms::disk::disk'."

3) If above points are not applicable, find which VM is causing problems: create and run backup plans for each VM until you locate the VM that produces the error.

3) Check whether inactive datastores are present in the inventory; they may interfere with correct enumeration of VMs.

If the issue still persist, please open a support ticket with the below information: 

4) Collect .vmx files from the VM that produces the error and from a VM that is backed up successfully. 

5) Collect Acronis System Information from the affected VM

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Здравствуйте, Екатерина.

Все перечисленные Вами варианты решения проблемы не имеют отношения к ней.

Вы можете подтвердить или опровергнуть, что в Вашем тестовом окружении Acronis Cyber Backup 12.5.16428 с использованием агента VMware для Windows успешно справляется с резервным копированием виртуальных машин, размещённых на (используемых) хранилище VMware vSAN (речь о последней версии 7 Update 2)?