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Acronis Cyber Backup too fast???

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Hello Acronis Community,

I'm new to Acronis. Now I have a costumer who is using Acronis Cyber Backup.
The plan includes two virtual machines which are about 200GB each.

Backup source is set to "complete machine"
The Target is an external harddrive.
Backup method is using VSS Snapshots.
I have two tibx files with the sizes matching the used space inside the virtual machines.

How comes that Acronis takes merely 5 minutes to do a complete backup of two virtual machines each +100Gb to an external USB hard drive?

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I think I figured it out. So in my case  depending on whether the policy to keep backups is set to delete -after- backup it automatically perfoms an incremental backup. So Acronis only writes the changes to the backup files.


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Hello Alex!

What is the backup type? full,differential,incremental?

-- Peter