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Adding many drivers to universal restore/rescue media?

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I am trying to transfer my Windows 10 OS from an old laptop to a newer model so I am doing unlike recovery/transfer. The source is an Alienware R17 R4, the target is an Alienware X15 R1.

I have been working on getting a winpe environment that can see the intel motherboard nvme raid on the X15 and I have solved that but I do not know which drivers make the difference, so I just did a full driver backup using:

DISM /online /export-driver /destination:C:\DriverBackup

This worked great and then I mounted my winpe win file and did

ISM <media path> /Add-Driver /Driver:C:\DriverBackup

I committed and built my winpe with that and it worked great, diskpart now sees my raid volume when I boot from winpe

So now I am trying to get those same drivers into my acronis rescue media or acronis winpe (not positive what I should be trying to use for unlike recovery) but it wants me to add drivers one at a time? There are like 188 of them.

So doing it my way, the whole process of adding all the drivers using Microsoft tools and then booting only takes about 10 minutes. I don't want to spend many many hours trying to figure out which drivers to add - can I just do some kind of command line recursive driver add to the Acronis media, like I can do with winpe?

In other words my winpe that I created doesn't have acronis tools. If the answer is winpe then I need to build a winpe with the acronis tools and all my drivers on one usb.


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