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Backup Replication not working 0x135003d

Thread needs solution
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hopefully someone is able to help with the following problem:

As of yesterday, one of your backup plans isn't working anymore. We do backups during the weekdays and on sunday we replicate to tape and now one of the backups cant be put on tape for whatever reason.


This isnt a new server or plan either, everything worked fine for the past couple of months.


What we did so far:

- We restarded our backupserver dehaj01bak001

- Afterwards we did another backup which was successful but the replication to tape failed again


we have about 13 replication plans with every backup being stored on dehaj01bak001 and except for that one backup everything else was replicated to tape successfully.


I have attached the activity log from the failed replication




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Hello Daniel,

thank you for posting on Acronis forums!

We recommend that you try refreshing the vault and its metadata. Please issue the following command in Acronis command-line utility running on the ASN (vault):

acrocmd list archives --name=Acronis --recreate_archive_meta=true --output=raw --service=asn


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Thanks a lot for information, i was searching similar information.