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Create a new user with very limited permission

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In Acronis 12.5, normally I use the "administrator" right to access to EBR. The account belongs to Acronis Centralized Admins

I want to create a user with very limited permission for another guy who can access: Acronis Centralized (http ://xxx.9877) to monitor the alert weekly or daily. Only monitor, no delete, no change the configure.

We used the LAN network with no internet so email configure is impossible.

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Hello Hoang Nguyen!

You can only have admin users in the management console. The premise is that whoever needs access to the managmeent console should know what they are doing to be trusted with admin access.

Could you not setup an SMTP server in the same network and deliver to where "another guy" can access?

Another options would be to send an alert report as a file and put it on a network share accessible to the same person. See Overview>Reports>Alerts> Settings (right top) > Enable schedule

-- Peter