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Cyber Protect 15 Bootable Media "Load Driver" is very, very problematic

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This kind of goes back to another topic I created about Acronis not supplying drivers for Intel RST on Dell computers. I was glad to see this "Load Driver" option come about but it doesn't work LOL!

This time I am picking explicitly on a Dell Latitude 3520. In the BIOS it is set to use the Intel RST drivers. So I went to Dell's web site and downloaded the RST drivers for this laptop and copied them to the ABM. Whenever I try and load the drivers a black screen flashes by real quick and I get the error message that the driver was not loaded.

So what am I missing? I am downloading the drivers for Windows 10 64-bit from Dell's web site. They just won't load. Very nice option to "Load Driver". It was needed. It just doesn't work.....

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Hello Jim!

You can add drives to a PE based bootable media when you are creating it. You can try it that way. Also is this a 64bit based bootable media?

-- Peter

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Thanks Peter. I am aware that I can add drivers while building the media but that isn't what I want to do. I want to be able to "Load Driver" after the ABM is booted, It is much easier to create a "Blank" bootable media and load drivers after-the-fact. If it works as advertised......