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DeviceLock - causes performance & IIS Issues

Thread needs solution
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We have had significant performance issues with our Windows IIS Shared hosting servers since mid-feb 2021,


We hired Microsoft 24x7 emergency support at a cost of $500 to work with us on the issue 


After a week they have identified the issue was caused by DLService.exe which is that Acronis cyber protect automatically installed on our servers.  This is constantly reading files and causing IIS to stop responding and stops us from being able to load any websites in IIS and causes huge performance issues to websites and stops Plesk from being able to read/write to IIS.

To fix:

Load services.msc
find Device Locker and change service from Automatic to Disabled
Then open task manager > details tab > find: DLService.exe and end task


CPU will immediately drop on the server and IIS will immediately start functioning again.

Issue happened on Windows Server 2016 & Server 2019
we use latest build of acronis, Agent version: 15.0.26570



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Hello Chris ,

sorry to know about the issue! Looks like the issue described in According to the article, an update to the latest build should solve the issue. Alternatively, there are workarounds offering to stop the DeviceLock service. 
If you still experience this issue, please open a support ticket for the more in-depth investigation. 

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This issue still exists in the latest build 15.0.26692


Acronis how do we remove devicelocker and stop it from installing on our servers on upgrading acronis agent?

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Hello Chris.

This article describes how to uninstall Acronis DeviceLock Agents: