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Как исключить из бэкапа подключенный диск iSCSI ? How do I exclude a connected iSCSI drive from backup?

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Здравствуйте, ситуация такая.

Физический сервер, нужно забэкапить Active Directory. Вроде проблем нет, но к машине подключены диски по iSCSI. и в плане я выбираю всю машину и Active Directory. и он начинает бэкапить все iSCSI диски. как можно их исключить ? в инструкции нет такого 

Hello, this is the situation.

Physical server, I need to backup Active Directory. It seems that there are no problems, but disks are connected to the machine via iSCSI. and in the plan I select the whole machine and Active Directory. and it starts backing up all iSCSI drives. how can you exclude them? there is no such thing in the instructions

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Hello Rinat,

thank you for your posting! You should be able to exclude the drives using the regular file exclusions. However, please note that this might slightly affect the backup performance.

I've added your topic as a vote for the existing change request (internal ID ABR-224271 Microsoft application protection: support  "disks/volumes" backup plan type), which would allow selecting only the drives containing the MS application data. 

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one funny thing. the disk is connected at iSCSI. and when I make a backup of the entire machine, this disk is also copied. and if this iSCSI is 10TB, then it copies all of it. and if I want to make a backup to this iSCSI, then what should I do?

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Hello Rinat.

Have you tried using file filters as suggested by Ekaterina? Please type C:\ or D:\ to exclude the disk.