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Last Backup Date Is Inaccurate Acronis 12.5

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I am using Acronis 12.5 to manage a facility with both VMs and physical machines. About a month ago, the Acronis service account was changed from the account that was configured during installation and setup due to security concerns. After encountering issues creating and executing new backup plans for newly commissioned VMs, the original service account was put back into service. 

Since returning to the original service account, the backup plans have been executing successfully as scheduled. However, the last backed up date will not update to reflect the scheduled backups executing. This is causing false alerts that are stating that no successful backups have been taken in XX number of days (alerts are configured to occur if a machine has not been backed up within 15 days). I've verified that backups have been executed within 15 days for the machines that are causing these false alerts. The inaccurate last backup date and false alerts are occurring for both physical and virtual machines. 

Are there any actions that can be taken to solve this problem?

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