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Multiple backup plans for the same server?

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I'm trying to determine whether having multiple backup plans for the same server will cause an issue. I know that I can write the backup to two locations, but I'm wondering if it would be a problem to run two completely separate backup plans and have each one work independently of one another.

My biggest concern is that I don't know how the system is tracking what files need to be written in an incremental backup, so if I run an AM backup to one location and a PM backup to another location, neither one is really complete (the AM backup would only contain files created or changed since the last PM backup, not since the last AM backup).

ETA: I'm looking through the options and wondering if, even if this is possible, I probably have to turn off CBT for it to work.


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Hello Jeff!

You can have multiple plans, but the agent on your server will only ever do work with a single one. If you have two locations one backup would work after another, if you have two separate plans you'll have to schedule them that they don't overlap. If the first backup is still running when the second would need to start it will fail with an error idicating this.

On the data level your plans will be separate and have no relation to one another. If you have an AM and a PM backup nethier will care what data is already there in the other as they are different backup sets. What I understand you actually want AM and PM backups to be separate, so this is desirable. Having a deduplicated location will still help with minimizing space usage, as there are probably a lot of data that's present in both backup chain.

I don't know what do you mean by "neither one is really complete". Yes incrementals store only the change - i.e. new files created - since the last backup, but when you would restore the complete backup chain until that point would be taken into account.

I'm also not sure what do you hope to achieve with turning off CBT. If you turn it off acronis will calculate hashes of backed up sectors with hashes of the same sectors in existing backups, but only the same backup chain will be considered.

Why do you want to separate AM and PM backups though?

-- Peter

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I don't actually want separate AM and PM backups, I just figured that was an easy to understand example. I really just want multiple backups at night that go to multiple locations (more than the 2 you can specify).


I guess I don't fully understand how CBT works.

Is it not the hypervisor that tracks what's changed since the last snapshot/checkpoint with CBT? My concern is that the backup would only see files as changed since the last backup (ANY BACKUP), not since the last time the backup for that specific plan ran.

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Hello Jeff,

thank you for posting this question on Acronis forums!

CBT calculates differences since the most recent backup. If multiple backup plans are applied to the machine, it is likely that the most recent backup was initiated by another backup plan. CBT sum calculation fails and all data is saved into the archive instead of changed blocks only.

For more details on this issue please consult the respective KB article: