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Problems with a Win-2016-VM on Hyper-V and an Oracle Version 19c Database

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We have an Win 2016 Server as VM on Hyper-V. There is an application installed which uses an Oracle v19c-Database. I´ve installed the Acronis Agent for Oracle an do a full backup of the machine.

Now after some trouble with the OracleVSSWriter - we have to restart the service in front of the daily backup to avoid errors to the backup - the Archive-Logs aren´t purged. This had happened only 1 time (purge), but since then no more.

I´m able to use the Acrons Oracle Explorer and can see the last successful backups of the database.

So my question is does anybody had the same experience? Are any tips or tricks which we had to implement?

Thanks a lot!


- Attached the result of the VSS-Doctor (is german)

- OracleVSSWriter is running with an Domain-Account, which is local admin on the server which we backing up

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Hello your-admin,

Welcome to Acronis forums!

This VSS Writer error could be caused by a previous warning:

Disk I/O Load

Status: Warn
Description: Some disks may be overloaded. VSS may behave incorrectly under such conditions. Stop heavy operations or wait until completion.


Name: 0 C:
DiskBytesPersec: 2302138
DiskReadBytesPersec: 0
DiskReadsPersec: 0
DiskTransfersPersec: 544
DiskWriteBytesPersec: 2302138
DiskWritesPersec: 544
PercentDiskReadTime: 0
PercentDiskTime: 12
PercentDiskWriteTime: 12
PercentIdleTime: 85
IsOk: False


If you can't overcome the overload disk issue, we recommend stopping the services related to the Oracle VSS writers before taking a snapshot