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Reports - activities and storage use

Thread needs solution
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is there some way to "reset/refresh" Dashboard or data collecting in general?

Since about build 13400 our Dashboards (for all our storage nodes) are showing incorrect data in Storage use.

image 329
Not a single information there is correct.
There's no 9TB of total space. There are just 3 Locations on the same 3TB partition. Which for Acronis means x3 
There's not 842GB of free space, but 281GB (again, x3)
Backups 299,16GB ? No, 2,7TB actually and then around 8GB of "Other" data.
Other data 7,88TB? There's not even 7,88TB of space on that 3TB partition :) 

<- as you can see, this information in the Dashboard is completely useless. First two are probably just dumb "feature", but at least "Backups" and "Other" must be some kind of bug.

This might have been an extreme example, if I take another storage node with just one Location:
image 334
Then at least "Total space" and "Free" are correct (because there are no other Locations to multiply these numbers..).
But "Backups" and "Other" still shows completely nonsense numbers. 

Same wrong information is shown in Location details:
image 335


Then, I think it was after update to build 14330, Dashboard completely stopped showing Activities:
image 336

16386 didn't fix anything, but at least it didn't broke any other dashboard widget - at least as far as I know.


This is happening for all our storage nodes, so the problem must be on application server side where the monitoring service is installed.

Is there some way to make Acronis refresh storage data? And also possibly the activities widget?

Re-attaching Locations makes zero difference.


Thank you 


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Hello Lukas!

Thank you for letting us know about this and detailed description of this issue. Since these cases should be reproduced and tested by our engineers, I would ask you to open a case with Acronis Support Team and provide the engineers with a link to this forum thread and Acronis System Information collected from a machine with a Storage Node.

Please also describe the use case when and why you need 3 different backup locations on the same partition.