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Upgrading From 11.7 to 12.5 - Some Hints.

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I recently upgraded from version 11.7 Standard Workstation to 12.5 and encountered a lot of difficulty.

4 support techs worked with me and while I was not able to get full function, I was able to get the program working, with their help, in a way that can keep me functioning until the development team is able to fix the problems that currently do not have a solution, in a future release. Here are some hints in case you run into problems migrating from 11.7 to 12.5:


 1) First you must uninstall version 11.7.

 2) Next, run    cleanup_tool.exe .

 3) Re-boot.

 4) Search in Program Files,

                      Program files (x86),

and                Program Data

for any folder (directory) that is labeled Acronis or alsdb

If you find any, delete them.


 5) Run latest Acronis 12.5 install program as administrator.


 6) Choose custom settings and UNCHECK

          "Components For Remote Management",

and    "Monitor Service".


You can also uncheck everything except “Bootable Media Builder” if you will always be

       running it only from a DVD-R or USB Flash drive.


 7) If installing the whole program, Click the option to enter logon for


          and   "Management Server"


For both, enter your computer user ID (Administrator or an individual user)

              and the password for that user id.


The program should now install.


Once it is running, enter your License Key.

          Make sure it takes.


Then close the program and Open the bootable media builder.


Enter your license key into the bootable media builder either by copy and paste or by specifying the text file with the info.


Choose Linux for 64 bit or 32 bit,  ( I have encountered several unresolvable problems with the Win PE version )

Windows Representation,

Universal Restore,

and add any storage or USB drivers you need.


To figure out which .inf files you need to check the registry key:


       and look for descriptions in each hive key that state Hard Disk Controller or USB Controller.

          [You may need to add .SYS files iteratively if the builder shows an error that they are missing.]


Create an ISO file if you want to burn it to DVD-R.

Or you can choose to create the recovery program on USB Flash drive (It must be plugged in.).




When you need to run 12.5 to backup or restore, have computer off,

         Plug in the USB Flash Key, or pop in the DVD-R during POST

         Boot computer and hit F12 or whatever function key brings up boot drive control.

         Select USB Flash Key or CDROM as your boot drive.

         Choose Backup/Restore or Universal Restore.


                    If you need to do a Universal Restore, it is done after the regular restore.


The rest is just like version 11.7.xxxxx.


I hope this is of help to someone.

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thank you for taking the time to share your experience with the community! I've created a tutorial from your post…