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Acronis and upcoming changes for CVE-2020-1472

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Microsoft has begun rolling out a change that enforces secure RPC to address CVE-2020-1472 last year. Our IT department started enforcing this to perpare for the eventual enforcment of this change after feb 9, 2021. When they did, several things became broken in Acronis:
- Login as current windows user stopped working, only domain\user, pw login worked.
- Browsing backup location prompted for credentials, but didn't accept them
- Likewise backing up failed to all locations with 'connection to storage node failed' errors.

According to the article microsoft provided, this change (might) require changes to software to function correctly. Is this problem know or are there plans to address this issue?


-- Peter

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Hello Peter,

sorry for the delayed response, had to clarify the situation with the RnD first! We need to investigate this issue asap and would be grateful for any additional diagnostic information you could provide! May I ask you to send us the screenshots illustrating the issues you mentioned and Acronis system report from the affected machines? I'll send you an FTP link for the upload.

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Hello Ekaterina!

I can't revert to the broken state to demonstrate it, as - per experience - it would disable all our backups. Unfortunately I didn't make screenshots as I wasn't sure where it came from. Only after consulting with the network admins were I notified of the mentioned change in the domain, and once reverted everything started working again.

Would the logs hold any insight if I can tell the timeframe where these issues were noticed? Since acronis isn't installed on our domain controller, what sort of information would be helpful to know about it?

-- Peter