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Acronis backup auf iscsi (luns)

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Da ich neu hier bei Acronis bin hätte ich eine allgemeine Frage. Kann ich ein Acronis backup mit iscsi luns machen? Wenn ja wie und unter welchen Vorraussetzungen? Lg

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Being new to Acronis I have a general question. Can I make an Acronis backup with iscsi luns? If so, how and under what conditions? lg

Martin,  welcome to these public User Forums.

The answer will depend on how the ISCSI LUNs are presented to the Acronis True Image application running in Windows?  If these show as one or more Windows drive letters, or can be selected as the Source data for a backup task, then yes you should be able to make a backup of the data stored on these volumes.

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Hello Martin,

welcome to Acronis forums!

As Steve has already answered for Acronis True Image, the same applies to Acronis Cyber Backup 12.5. It works with iSCSi LUNs as they are configured in your Windows (if you run Windows). 

Otherwise, please find instructions on how to configure iSCSI LUNs when working from Acronis Bootable Media:

and when installing Agent for VMware (Windows) on a physical machine: