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Backup failing - takes all available RAM and crashes the service

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I have one server where Acronis crashes about 2 hours into the backup for the past few weeks. I can watch the backup service slowly grab all the memory until it throws a memory error and crashes the Acronis backup service around 2 hours in. This is happening after updating to the newest 12.5 agent version. It has 16GB, which has been more than enough. Updates, reinstalls, and restarts have done nothing. Any help would be appreciated.

Below are snidbits of the errors. Can include the details of the errors if needed:

Error code: 20250702
Fields: {"$module":"mms_vsa64_22750"}
Message: The activity has failed due to a restart of the service.
Error code: 20250829
Fields: {"$module":"mms_vsa64_22750"}
Message: The activity has failed due to an unexpected machine reboot or the backup process was terminated.




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Hi Nathan!

Report the crash to support and let them investigate:

-- Peter

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I would, but I can't without license keys and they were registered under another account.

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Hello Nathan,

Welcome to Acronis forums!

We can advise you adding antivirus exclusions as instructed in this KB article:

If the problem is still there, then you will have to open a case with Acronis Support Team to investigate this issue. You will be required to collect the following diagnostic information:
a. When the memory leak is started (it can be checked via Start -> Run -> taskmgr.exe -> Details - check the memory usage), please create 3 dumps of the mms.exe process every 10 minutes using ProcDump utility;
b. after the dumps are collected, please gather a fresh Acronis System Information (do not restart Acronis services).
Please also share a link to this forum thread with support engineers.