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Code Backup Solutions

Thread needs solution
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I hope I'm in the right forum.

I'm a CTO of an IOT company looking for a backup solution for our startup.
Does Acronis offer code backup solutions? I couldn't find an answer.

Thanks in advance,

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Hello Pavel,

welcome to Acronis forums!

Could you please clarify what objects you need to backup?

Acronis Cyber backup 12.5 supports a variety of platforms which allows to back up entire machines/servers (physical or virtual), disks/volumes, file/folders, applications etc.:

  • Disks/volumes of physical and virtual machines
  • Files (physical machines only)
  • ESXi configuration
  • System state (in cloud deployments only)
  • SQL databases
  • Exchange databases and mailboxes
  • Office 365 mailboxes

For more information, please refer to backup plan cheat sheet.