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Error Acronis

Thread needs solution
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RestAPI call POST to 'http://' failed (addresses: '').


Additional info:

Error code: 10
Module: 664
LineInfo: 0xD2FBC59BA0340210
Fields: {"$module":"ams_protection_addon_vsa64_13400"}
Message: RestAPI call POST to 'http://' failed (addresses: '').
Error code: 13
Module: 664
LineInfo: 0xD2FBC59BA0340171
Fields: {"$module":"ams_protection_addon_vsa64_13400"}
Message: HTTP error code returned: 500.


Not able to assign licenses in the settings->license, It gives Internal server error

Please note the Acronis Managed Machine Service and Acronis Service Manager service log on user was changed as the SQL database service log on user was also changed.

Please suggest what needs to be done.

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Hello Pradyumna,

welcome to Acronis forums!

Since you've changed the user for Acronis services, the new user does not have enough rights to access Acronis License Server DB.

Please give read/write/modify rights for this new Acronis Service Manager Service User to C:\ProgramData\alsdb