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Excluding files from a disk restore

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I have a machine that became unbootable after a windows update. Unfortunately all the backups I have already have the offending update downloaded and ready to install. As soon as I restore the backup from the bootable media, windows tries to install it and becomes unbootable again.

Is it possible to somehow exclude files/folders from a disk backup?

Acronis version: 12.5.14330
Machine OS: Windows 7 Pro

-- Peter

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Hello Peter,

thank you for posting this question on Acronis forums!

I suggest that you boot into Windows Safe Mode right after restore and delete these update's files manually.

Unfortunately, file exclusion is not available when restoring from bootable media.


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Hello Maria!

Good idea! I completely forgot about Safe Mode for this type of problem. Meanwhile I decided to reinstall windows instead for other reasons.

-- Peter