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How to backup a VM with acrocmd, error anonymous namespace

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Hi all,

I am trying to use acrocmd to backup a VM on our vSphere cluster but I get some errors.

The command I use is :

acrocmd backup vm --vmname="2012R2-Template" --loc=\\\Templates --credentials=account,password --arc=[MachineName]-Archive(1) --archive_format=12 --vmsnapshot_retry_count=30 --vmsnapshot_retry_delay=30 --vmsnapshot_quiesce=false --force_yes --host=Acronis-Management-Server --credentials=account,password --service=ams

An error occurred while executing the command.
Error: 0x1510008
$module = "acrocmd_vsa64_14330"
`anonymous-namespace'::PrintPerformingResult : e:\528\enterprise\command_line\engine\impl\engine.cpp(65)
Error: 0x30002
$module = "asyncipc_vsa64_14330"
AsyncIpc::Rpc10Handler::OnRequest : e:\528\enterprise\common\async_ipc\async\rpc10_handler_imp.cpp(430)

What am I missing in this command ?

I can access the location if I use the list archives

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Hello Marco,

welcome to Acronis forums!

Thank you for providing the command syntax and the error output. The line in question is UnknownComponent

Your request is quite specific: your command needs to be tested and diagnostic information should be gathered in your VM environment.

I would recommend that you continue to work on your opened case with Acronis Support engineers who could deal with it.