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HTTPS redirect does not work

Thread needs solution
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Hello Acronis Forum members,

we've configured the api_gateway.json to use our custom certificate and to enable HTTP to HTTPS Redirect. The exported certificate works as expected but the redirect does not work. I've checked all available documentation and the syntax looks correct to me. Does anybody know something to get this fixed?


"tls": { "cert_file": "cert.pem", "key_file": "key.pem", "passphrase": "xyzabcdefghij", "auto_redirect": true }

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Hello Henrik,

Welcome to Acronis forums! Could you clarify, why it is required to use a custom cert? Starting with Update 2 (build 8610) the backup console supports the HTTPS protocol out of the box. Both the HTTP and the HTTPS protocols are supported on the same TCP port.


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I face the same problem. I need my own cert to do not see the TLS-Warning anymore. 


But the redirect is not working? Can someone help me?


Best regards

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Hello Tobias,

Welcome to Acronis forums!

Have you looked through these instructions: ?

But the redirect is not working?

Do you see any error messages? Do you have activity logs with these failures?