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Moving from Physical to Virtual Environment

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Hi, we are currently in the process of moving from a physical environment to a virtual environment, but for the meantime the two environments will be active. I have a question regarding the licensing of the product and how it should be installed in the Virtual environment. At present we have perpetual standard server licenses to cover all of our physical machines, however when we move to the virtual environment, will we have to purchase new licenses for the virtual machine equivalent of the physical machine or are we able to use our existing licenses in the virtual environment. If new licenses are required, how are these licensed, are they licensed per ESXi Host so if we have 5 Hosts, do we just require 5 licenses and these would cover ALL of the VM's that have replaced the Physical machines? Just need to know what to purchase if anything and whats the best way for it to be deployed. Cheers.

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Hello Duncan,

thank you for posting your question on Acronis forums.

According to Acronis licensing scheme, 1 Acronis Backup 12.5 Standard Server license is per one Windows or Linux machine (server operating system), physical or virtual. Thus, you can continue using your licenses in virtual environment after migration. For this, you will need to install Acronis Agents inside your virtual OSes, revoke your licenses from physical servers and assign them to virtual ones.

For migrating your servers on a virtual platform you can use Acronis Rescue Media to boot your new virtual servers and start restoring.

However, if you need to back up the entire virtual hosts with all the VMs, we recommend taking Acronis Cyber Backup 12.5 Virtual Host licenses.