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Question - network drive as backup source

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I would like to ask a question about selecting network drive as backup source. Window has a limitation that if the network drive is mapped by one credential (User A), it cannot be mapped again by another credential (User B) through "net use" command and a error message will be prompted. Below is the example:

On Windows, if already “net use” from a server “serverA” with user “user1”, it is NOT allowing to “net use” from same server “serverA” again with other users.
A real case can be server “serverA” shares 2 folders separately:
\\serverA\share1 with credential “user1”
\\serverA\share2 with credential “user2”
Once a session “net use” “serverA” with credential “user1”, it can access “share1”, but fails on “share2”.

Through my testing, I can use user1 accont to connect to serverA while mapping serverA to Windows with user2 account. My question is: By this setting, can I run the backup successfully? If not, what error message will be prompted?

In addition, actually, does Acronis Cyber Backup be affected by this Windows limitation?

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Error message from Window for the example

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Hello Ernest!

I don't believe this is a problem. Acronis asks the credentials to use for each network share when you add them.

BTW, I recently had this error message when I attached a network drive with 'credentials A' and opted to save them. Another drive can't be added with 'credentials B' promting the same error. If you don't save them you can add another with different credentials.

-- Peter

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Hello Ernest,

thank you for posting on Acronis forums!

Acronis Cyber Backup does not support mapped drives as backup locations because they become unmapped when a user logs out.

However, there is no problem backing up to network shared folder \\serverA\share1 with credential “user1” and to the second backup location \\serverA\share2 with credential “user2”.