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Wrong percentage in activities

Thread needs solution
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again I found a strange behaviour:

I have a plan with
- backup
- replication to a sacond location
- retention rules
- NO validation

If I monitor the plan in the activities tab I have the attached:
The percentage is only calculated for the Backup to the first location.
All following steps (copy, cleanup) are not regarded?

Why ?
Another bug in the tool?
It´s the most recent build.


- retention

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Hello Sven,

thank you for posting on Acronis forums.

Yes, only backup time is counted. I will consult with experts and will post a reply as soon as receive an answer.

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any news from the experts ?


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Hello Sven,

the product management confirmed the current behavior is by design, only the progress of a backup operation is shown for the plan. However, my colleagues agree that we might consider changing this. 

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but why is the progress only calculated for the first (!) backup, not the replicated ones.
And if I add validation to the plan, the progress also takes the validation in consideration....

For me this behaviour is more a bug than a consideration to change or am I wrong ?
Currently the progress is rather useless.



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Hello Sven.

We appreciate your noting this peculiarity and already addressed it to the respective team.

I agree that there should be the entire plan execution time calculated. Nevertheless, I can explain to you why this is done as is for now: the backup time can be easily calculated from the data read/write speed when the process is started, the same is for validation. While the replication is usually done to a remote location with unknown parameters (at the moment when backup plan is launched) and depend on many third-party factors.


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thanks for the reply.

The explanation is clear for me but I think at Acronis there are so many smart minds that they can solve it.

You state, that the backup time and validation time can be calculated by considering the transfer speed at process start.
In some threads in this forum it is stated, that a replication is not only a copy job but also some kind of backup process.

So why the difference?
If the transfer speed for validation can be taken into account if doing the validation, why can the speed not be calculated for a replication?

Even if the numbers at the start of the process are different to the average of the complete process - so what ?
A process that takes the speed into account and is adapted if the process runs is much better than doing nothing - as in the moment.

I think many other customers would agree.
A rough estimation is much better than nothing.

Each tool that handles data transfer (even the normal copy of the Windows Explorer GUI) can handle this. So should Acronis.

And if it´s hard to do an overall progress do it like others: split it.
Why not simply counting the tasks to perform and show the progress in "step x of y, progress zz%" ?

Each of these numbers was better than starting a job, looking at the progress and remaining time...come back....and wait..wait...wait....