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Anyone using Acronis Cyber Cloud?

Thread needs solution
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I mainly back up Dental offices and am looking for central management for the servers and workstations. Tried a Veeam trial and I never got it to work, plus it seemed like a pai whatsapp web n in the ass to get it all running. After contacting support I was back burnered and my contact was on vacation. Lost the trus of a big client and now they are talking about asking another MSP about off-site backups. I have mainly used Acronis in the past and am now sorry I thought about trying Veeam.
So my question is, does anyone use the new Acronis Cyber Cloud for service providers? What are the costs? Im willing to pay (then inovice) more for a better product. I am workin routerloging with the trial right now and I love it. Makes Veeam look like brain surgery honestly. Any opinions are appreciated. Thanks!

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Hi davidbrok5,

welcome to Acronis forums! Here you can read some of the reviews on Acronis Cyber Backup and Acronis Cyber Backup Cloud products

> What are the costs?

We'd recommend contacting our sales reps, here is the direct phone number