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Downloading backup using another company administrator

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I have a company administrator ( A ) that is doing all the backups and at the user form and under its name its has a total of 51GB worth of data.Than i created another company administrator ( B ). B is able to do recovery part of data on the site itself. But when it comes to recovery > more ways to recover > download files > there is no backup to download , using the company administrator ( B ) 's ID and password . Anyway to solve this issue ? Because client wants to able to recover by themselves using the download file function

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Hello jianzhi!

Which product (version/build) are you using?

I'm guessing your talking about Cloud and choosing the option at SelectedMachine > Recovery > More ways to recover > Download files

-- Peter

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Hi peter ,

yes i am using  backup cloud  v12.5.14800. selected the machine > recovery> more ways to recover > download files

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Hello jianzhi low,

Acronis' current plan is to replace Web Restore console with a new service in Cloud. If account has "company administrator" role, then it should be possible to have access to backups created by other users in this company through this service. It will be possible to browse, manage data and backups in the Cloud. It will be released in one of the future product versions, still under development.

Currently all this is not possible with Web Restore console, however you could use the Backup Console, all backups are shared between "company administrator" users with limitation of up to 100 MB of archive/files/folder/zips per download.