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Misc network error

Thread needs solution
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Hello, This morning all backups failed with error "Misc network error". Our servers and backup storage server are working fine, so seems to be an issue Acronis end? I'm using self-hosted and using Kind regards, Chris

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It's strange but backup works for some servers but not the others.

If I uninstall the agent and try to reinstall it I get the error

Please update your firewall configuration and restart the installation

But nothing should have been changed unless cPanel has made updates to cause it? Every so often there seems to be something causing a problem with cPanel/WHM Acronis Backup plugin which is not acceptable since Acronis is supposed to be Enterprise backup software. At this rate, I'd be better off running rsync manually. No where near as fast but at least it works :(

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Seems to be working now though the issue of the On/Off button not working is still a problem and has been since the last few updates. I added an attachment.


PS is there server/network status page for Acronis. It would be good to be able to check if there are any issues and subscribe to be notified of any issues Acronis side. Saves customers trying to keep adjusting things to try to get things working unnecessarily. 

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Hello Chris,

Please, consider opening a support ticket if you are still facing an issue with the On/Off button on cPanel. If it is something related with product's functionality it is worth fixing it. Screenshot won't be enough, sharing logs from cPanel/WHM Acronis Backup plugin would help more on investigating that issue.

As for your second question, we currently don't have the requested page but it is planned for development in the nearest future, can't engage myself with ETA. It will be a public status page from where partners will know what is happening in real time before raising tickets. It will be a publicly available status page with details from each DC separetely.