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Acronis Cyber Desktop has been released!

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Dear Acronis Community,

Please be informed about Acronis Cyber Desktop release.

Acronis Cyber Desktop is a free remote desktop solution that enables MSPs and IT technicians to effectively manage their clients’ workloads. 

More information about the product:

KB articles:

Product documentation:

Acronis Cyber Desktop
Acronis Cyber Desktop Agent for Windows
Acronis Cyber Desktop Agent for Mac
Acronis Cyber Desktop console

Release notes: EN.

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Looking Good, Would have like to have seen some chat integration for Comms with the user.   Finding the initial connecting to (up to the ) username/password a bit slow 

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Agree with above user, looks nice! Initial connection to the remote computer (LAN) is slow compared to say TeamViewer/Splashtop and that is using either NEAR or RDP and using the desktop client as I couldn't get the website to establish a remote connection at all.. although not a big issue as I'd prefer a desktop client anyway.

The 15min connection limit could be an problem, anyway to remove it if we pay? Unless I missed it, I couldn't find anything on the website about it.

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I'm still using Windows 10. Does this update allow us to turn on memory integrity? I'm still getting the message that Acronis drivers are not compatible with turning it on.