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Cannot NEAR nor RDP

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Hello, I downloaded Acronis Cyber Desktop Agent on my testing machine, and I clicked on NEAR or RDP from the web console but nothings popped up. So I decided to download the desktop agent on my own computer to see if it would link but it did not. Did I miss something here? 

Please let me know, thanks! 

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Hello Brett ,

welcome to Acronis forums! Please make sure you've followed the procedure below

  1. On Acronis website, register an Acronis account or log in to your account if you already have one.
  2. Download and install Acronis Cyber Desktop Agent on the remote workload.
  3. Add your account to the list of trusted users in the agent.
  4. Download and install Acronis Cyber Desktop on the local workload.
  5. Log in with your account and start a remote control session.

Please refer to for more details.

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Hello Brett,

One more thing to add: the "Remote Control" button in the Console opens the control session in the Acronis Cyber Desktop app. So you need to have the Acronis Cyber Desktop installed on your computer to be able to control the remote computer.


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Hi I have exactly the same issue, installed the agent locally and on remote computers. but can not remote when I click the remote control (Near) or the connect (RPD) nothing happens - the computers are on line

Edit solved You need the client download on the machines that you want to remote from and the agent download on the machines that you want to remote to.


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To resolve this problem, determine which application is using the same port as RDP. If the port assignment for that application cannot be changed, change the port assigned to RDP by changing the registry. After you change the registry, you must restart the Remote Desktop Services service.