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Acronis Files Cloud - Desktop Client downloads takes too long

Thread needs solution
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Hello everyone!
I hope you're all doing fine!

I am a new user of Acronis Files Cloud and I am experiencing slowness when downloading files through Desktop Client. It happens when the directory contains a lot of small files (close to 200.000 files,
totalizing 10gb).

My question is: is there any way that I can access my files through Windows Explorer? Maybe mapping my cloud as a network drive or something? Or maybe another platform (other than browser)? I mean, i need to directly access my directory on cloud without going through any synchronization. Is this possible?

Thank's a lot!!!

Regards from Brazil,

Henrique Prado

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Hello Henrique,

thank you for your posting! Looks like this functionality is not available yet, passed your question to the product manager for review. Regarding your initial issue with slowness, it might be worth opening a support ticket for investigation to find what is causing the issue and what could be optimized in your environment. 

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Hello Henrique,

I've added your topic as a vote for the existing feature request, unfortunately we cannot share any ETA for this feature.