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File share for server2012

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I am running windows server2012 and  i have 3 mac servers. currently i am facing some connection issue for sharing . I've read about Acronis Files Connect and i would like to know about it

Thanks for your time

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The main original purpose of Acronis Files Connect is to serve as alternative to the native SMB protocol. That means:

Windows computers can provide Apple Filing Protocol (AFP) file sharing and IP-printing to Mac machines powered by Acronis Files Connect that is also optimized to resolve common Mac vs. Windows file sharing issues as well as support native Apple technologies such as Network Spotlight search and Time Machine backup.

In any case, we would encourage you just to download the trial version and test the product to see whether it meets your requirements and expectations. The trial version is fully functional and valid for 30 days after the installation. You can request it at For any further information about your proof-of-concept project, feel free to initiate a request by emailing us at A sales representative will work closely with you and assist with further presales queries if any.

Meanwhile, here are some good starting points for you:

Quick Start Guide

Acronis Files Connect: Evaluation FAQ

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oh, that guide is really helpful, thanks