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Obtain changelog of Update for the last version

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Hello everyone,


Is there a way to obtain the changelog of the updates for the last version of Acronis Cyber Files Cloud?

I searched inside kb, documentation, outlook and found no changelog about the requested version (8.8.0x743).

Thanks for the help!

Laurentiu Serban


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Hi Viorel,

Version 8.8 is Desktop/Mobile Agents version. Version 8.8 of the Desktop agent was released with C21.02. Here are the release notes for that:

For the agent there is just one change listed there: [AFDC-1293] Sync (upload) fails with "The system cannot find the path specified" error for existing files if the path is longer than 260 symbols.


Thanks and Regards


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what's the latest version?


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Giovanna Fiscella wrote:

what's the latest version?

Here you can find the release notes of all Acronis latest updates: