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Acronis Access Advanced connection probs after upgrade

Thread needs solution
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Hi everybody,

my colleague isntalled an upgrade for our Access Advanced System from 7.5.4x104 to 8.0.0x286. Sinde then we have an issue that we cant connect to te Administration page anymore. The system istself is up and running.

When i connect to the server, i can login and use the File Sharing abilities, but it directly gives me a message "Administrative tasks from this IP are forbidden. Login from an alloed IP or on the server directly."

When i try to do that from the local server i can start the administrative site, but it only allows me to remove the connection between the Management Server and the Gateway Server. I also have an Certivicate issue, telling me the Certificate has been created for a different server.

Nothing else is allowed and i cant find a way into the management console anymore.

Any help is really appreciated.

Many thanks in advance

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Hi Dietmar,

The error-message you are seeing is a reference to the following security option:…. See:

Only connections from configured IP address ranges will be allowed to access the Administration pages - allows the administrator to allow only certain IP addresses to accessing the Administration web interface.

You should login into the administration console using the localhost address and check it. The second screenshot shows the Gateway server web-page, so you should add the port number if it is not 443 for the Access server (smth like https://localhost:3000), you can always check the correct port number in the Configuration Utility.

If it still does not work, feel free to open a ticket at



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Hi Mikhail,

thanks for taking your time and answer. I know that we can define those IP reglementations and we did it, when we installed the system. Our whole system was running fine till tuesday when we installed the udate from 7xx to 8xx. 

Since then we can't connect to the administration page and login anymore, always with that IP denial message, even locally from the Server, using localhost, or IP, or whatever.

It seems the system update completely removed all IPs from the System, now we have no idea how to get back in, but we still can fill a support case, hopefully something we can repair without new installation.

Thank you :)