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Acronis Files Advanced 8.1 released!

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Dear Acronis Community,

I'm delighted to inform you about Acronis Files Advanced 8.1 Release!

This release brings renaming of Acronis Access Advanced into Acronis Files Advanced, enhancement and issue fixes.


  • A new mobile policy setting controls the maximum file size mobile clients are allowed to download. ASRV-5838
  • Added support for following Windows .lnk shortcuts located on network shares. ASRV-5837
  • Deleting a user will now also remove his devices from the Devices page. ASRV-5845
  • Updated included version of Java to 8u162. ASRV-3410
  • Improved LDAP performance for large deployments. ASRV-6012, ASRV-6011

Fixed issues:

  • Fixed an issue where the desktop client encounters an error when a folder name conflict occurs during syncing. ASRV-5768
  • External users are now properly redirected to verify their accounts before accessing shared links. ASRV-5304
  • "Leave Administration" will no longer show up for users without Sync&Share access. ASRV-6062
  • Fixed an issue with exporting the Devices or Invitations lists. ASRV-5802

Please note that all prior licensed capabilities and server configuration will be maintained. Acronis Files Advanced can be installed as a standard update on your existing Acronis Access Advanced server. Acronis Files Advanced servers are backwards compatible with Acronis Access Advanced clients.

Acronis Files Advanced 8.1.0×169 can be downloaded here

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