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Windows Desktop Client - Authentication failed

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I am testing the actual version of Acronis Cyber Files. So far everything seems to be ok, but I have an issue with one user.

This user can login to the Web Interface, but can't connect his Windows Desktop Client. There is always an error "Authentication failed". Nothing else. If I try a different account on his devices, everything works. In the Web Interface he can access everything. In the Admin Panel his account looks like the other ones. If I try a wrong password on purpose I get a different error, so this can't be the issue.

Any ideas?



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Hello dsk1991,

sorry for the delayed response! I see that you've already opened a support ticket, posting the outcome here for other users with a similar issue to find:

As it happens, we were not aware of the issue where some certain signs in the user password would block the authentication process initiated on the desktop client. Saying that, we would like to continue investigating this reported phenomenon internally in our labs.