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ABGW certficate validity period

Thread needs solution
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Good day,

I would like to find out how long the self-signed certificate for the ABGW lasts?

Also is there a way to extend the time or provide your own certificate?

We would like to get a better idea of when we need to renew the certificate.

Thank you.



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Hello Nick,

thank you for your posting! 

Storage certificate is issued for a specific period of time (typically once a year) and is automatically updated before it expires. The certificate is stored locally on the Acronis Storage / Acronis Storage Gateway and Backup Agents. It is not possible to extend the certificate lifetime in the current functionality.

If the Storage should refresh the certificate in a timely manner, if it does not - the issue should be investigated with the help of the support engineers.

Typical root causes:

- connectivity problem when Acronis Backup Cloud servers are unreachable from Acronis Storage

- wrong permissions are set to folder /etc/pki/tls/certs/Acronis/storage during Acronis Storage Gateway registration

Depending on Acronis Storage software version:

Storage 1.5 и Storage Gateway 1.7  - certificate validity can be checked as described here: