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Acronis Backup Gateway

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Kindly I have some question About Acronis Backup Gateway .

- With Acronis cloud is it must to deploy Acronis Backup Gateway on cloud ( Amazon, Azure ,etc...) ?

- Do I need extra license for Acronis Backup Gateway with my cloud license ? 

- In deployment scenarios I have 10 sites not connected to each others just normal internet connection , do I need more than one Acronis Backup Gateway appliance  ? and how it will be licensed ?

Thank you.


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Hello Mohamed,

thank you for your posting and your interest in Acronis products! I've found some resources that should give you a clearer understanding of the configuration options about Acronis Cyber Infrastructure Acronis Cyber Infrastructure Appliance licensing

Connecting Acronis Backup Software to Storage Backends via Backup Gateway

For more information I'd suggest contacting our sales department (contacts can be found at